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From analysis to pianification,
from sketch to details.

Overlay is a design studio based in Rome, with the aim of creating a connection beetween costumers’ ideas and market. We develop physical and digital projects by using strategic methods that bring us to create innovative brands, digital experiences and functional products.


In our design studio based in Rome you will find different types of services. We will help you develop your brand identity, a new industrial product or the digital experience that will revolutionize the market. You will be followed by the same team throughout the process, in order to present a comprehensive product on the market, thus eliminating the need to identify additional collaborators.

Product design

  • Research and concept
  • Engineering
  • Material and details
  • Sustainable design
  • 3D and rendering
  • Logo design
  • Restyling logo / Rebranding
  • Archetypal branding
  • Brand & Visual identity
  • Corporate identity


Digital experience

  • Users flow & Research
  • Customer experience
  • Product interface design
  • Service design
  • Digital design systems

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Product design

Digital experience


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